Do I Need A Website ?

Yes You Need A Website :

If you are a business owner , you may ask yourself ” do i need a website ” , don’t worry all business owners asked themselves this question , even if you have a small business the answer is yes , yes you need a website .

But not in all cases as if you own a small supermarket without delivery services and just serve the people they come and buy , you will not need a website .

In this article we will talk about why you must have a website , and why to buy it from us ” GENIUS ” .

Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Website :

1- The Online Presence :

Do you know that Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day , do you know that you must have a website to appear in Google search as Facebook page or twitter or even Instagram doesn’t replace the website .

When you have a website , you create an online business that is better than physical business as we see during Corona virus .

With GENIUS we will make you appear in the first page that makes you get more visitors and with our perfect web design will convert them to customers , that increase your revenue and your business value .

2- Low Cost :

When you have a physical store , you will need to pay monthly rent that will cost you much , but on the other side a website will not cost you much as you only will pay one time for the web design and development service and yearly small payments for host and domain , you can check our pricing list .

3- 24 hours per day :

A website like you have an employ that works 24 hours per day and 365 days per year , but the website be like multi employees because it have many functions like chat , pricing , services and many information that you need to add to your website .

4- Marketing :

It’s easy to sell your services in your website , you can market your website on social media easily , just it will be and com or org is the domain extension , we will explain it in another article .

5- Professional Email :

You will have a professional email like and that’s make you appear as professional company and easy to remember not like have gmail or yahoo email which for personal use .

6- Competition :

Do you want to beat your competitors ? sure , but you can’t build bigger skyscrapers , but on the web you can create a perfect website with our GENIUS experience in web design and development also in UI/UX you can beat them easily , you can see our portfolio .

At the end of this article you just need a professional website , and just don’t get a free one or a website with a template that millions of users use it , be unique be perfect , with GENIUS we create a websites from scratch , a full team will work on your project , don’t hesitate just call us .